candida albicans recidivante


Recurrent Candida is an infectioncaused by a yeast of Candidida species, of which Candida Albicans is the most common. This mycosis lives in the human body and in particular:

• in the oral cavity (thrush)
• in the vagina (vaginal candida)
• in the gastrointestinal tract (intestinal candidiasis).

The factors that can develop these microorganisms are:

• use of antibiotics for a long time
• use of oral contraceptives
• use of cortisone
undeveloped immune system
• diabetes
• stress
systemic illness
• pregnancy
Unbalanced diet
Some life style habits could be responsable for the development of Candida infections:

• wearing too tight trousers
• the use of synthetic underwear
• disregarding intimate hygiene.

ricerca candida albicans recidivante

Candida can be cutaneous, oral or genitals: it depends where it is.
Candida symptoms are severe itching, burning, soreness, and irritation. Physical manifestations often become chronic and recidivous are frequent (Recurrent Candida)


The naturopathic thought says that, when Candida becomes recurrent, it means that an immunity imbalance is present, that is allowing the Candida to develop at the intestinal level in a big way (Intestinal Candidiasis). After this, everytime the immune system becames weak and can't work adequately, the Candida becomes stronger and manifests itself with symptoms in the body.


naturopatia candida albicans recidivante

Naturopathic thought says that it is necessary to advise a good strategy for reinforcing the whole organism. In this way the Candida will disappear without relapses.

The  naturopath, in these cases, advises treatment for 3-6 months.

Naturopathic treatment consists of taking food supplements, specific to the physiological balance of the human body.

Based on my esperiences, I think that the best food supplements for Recurrent Candida are:

Saccharomycetes Boulardi
Ferment Acidophiolus e Bifidus
Citrate Minerals
Generic Draining (for Liver, kidney,
lymphatic system)


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LAPACHO: an evergreen tree. It is native of rainforest, but it prefers fresher region, like Paraguay mountains, Argentina, Brasil and Bolivia or Perω mountains. Lapacho belongs to the Bignoniacee's family and it's a medium-big tree. Indians, natived of Brasil, North Argentine, Paraguay, Bolivia and other south America's Country, used Lapacho for medical intent, since thousand years. We have indications hand down by Incas. The modern Naturopathy advises to use the Lapacho against mycotic affections, Acne and Cystitis.

lapacho candida albicans recidivante     lapacho corteccia candida albicans recidivante

ECHINACEA: In the United States it is a typical plant. It has been demonstrated that the Echinacea causes the increase of immune defense , stimulating the immune system. Moreover, it reduces the diffusion of infections.

echinacea candida albicans recidivante

PROBIOTIC FERMENT: are bacterium useful for the organism health. Good health is based on good intastinal bacterial flora. Bacterial flora is very important for the immune system development. 70% of immune system is found in the intestine.
Stress, unbalanced diet, big use of antibiotics, virus, gastro intestinal tract infections and diarrhoea, can garble the normal bacterial flora,and this causes many problems to the skin, mycotic vaginal infections (Candidiasis), chronic weariness, digestive problems, allergy, cancer to the colon.

probiotici candida albicans recidivante   intestino candida albicans recidivante

CITRATE MINERALS: Citrate Minerals Salts are advised for fighting metabolic acidosis. You have Metabolic Acidosis when the PH condition is altered and this allows to Candida and intestinal parasites to become stronger.

candida albicans recidivante

GENERIC DRAINING: a mixture of Draining Plants, particularly useful for reestablishing the natural physiologic actions of the organism. These plants help the organs which have the function to eliminate scoria and toxins in a delicate, but effective way..

candida albicans recidivante


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Every opinion is always expressed in terms of  living system's energetic and it have to be never thought as a diagnosis and never considered as a medical or scientific opinion. This document is not a medical prescription but it contains Naturopathic advice. In case of assessed pathologies , is always right to ask the opinion of your doctor, before undertaking any kind of treatment.



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